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Creative solutions to the greatest challenges.

Designing and constructing a high-end luxury product is as much art as it is engineering. Impeccable attention to detail, function, and materials is absolutely essential to be successful in today’s luxury market.

Our team has designed elegant products for some of the world’s most exclusive brands, museums, events, and markets. We enjoy these daring projects and look forward to planning how to accomplish yours.

Scarcity Design
Rare Materials Sourcing
Experience Development

Specialized brands require applied creativity to design the image and experience that your brand intends to convey to its target market.

Our team has developed brands for some of the most exclusive luxury brands, billionaire events, advanced scientific endeavors, and numerous other enterprises. Let’s talk about your plans and how we can help you achieve them.

Target Market Focused
Experience Design
Niche Development

Whether you need to design and 3D metal print a part for your Ferrari, modify an existing product with new casing and displays, or create a custom part for milking cows, we have you covered.

We enjoy the challenge and want to help you succeed in your next big project. Tell us what you need and we will get to work helping you solve the problem.

Short-run Manufacturing Sourcing
Creative Solutions Development
Specialized Engineering Support
Professional Support

Jupiter brings experienced insight to your product needs.

You need your special product solutions to do it right the first time and within budget. We understand that perfectly and support those efforts with the intensity that your operation deserves.

Our team members have backgrounds in design, engineering, manufacturing, entrepreneurship, finance, and everything in between. This gives us the unique insight needed to deliver the solutions you need to make your project a success.
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Design for success.

Achieving the results you deserve takes careful attention to detail and planning. Discussing your needs with us can help chart a path forward to enable you to get your product deployed fast.

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