Itching to get a new product to market and take your business to the next level? Let’s make it happen!

How we can help

Jupiter Design will work with you to take your products through every stage of production

Our Product and Industrial Design Process

Our professional designers have over 50 years of combined experience, so they know how to help you think through each part of your design with the entire industry in mind. We know what buyers want, how to get a product right the first time, and how to help you through the manufacturing process.

Get Started Now

Visualize Products with Flexible Concept Sketches

Taking a product from concept to reality is a fun and often challenging process. At Jupiter Design, we’ll help you start off your product journey with concept sketches to help you visualize your product’s future look and function. We’ll deliver several possible sketches each time and revise them based on your feedback until you have a concept that is ready to take to the next stage.

Get Factory-Ready Designs

Once you and our team have created a concept sketch that best brings your product to life, we’ll take the next step by creating 2D or 3D control art of your product so you can be ready to take it to the next step. Depending on your product, we’ll use high-quality CAD and Vector programs to create a factory-ready design of your product, and you’ll own all the IP that we create for you along the way.

How We Help with Prototyping

Jupiter Design’s team can help you start with a prototype that fits your product. Whether you need handmade prototypes or factory-made samples, prototypes will help you further refine your vision for your products. We typically take products through 2 to 4 rounds of prototyping using the latest prototyping methods before they reach their final design, and once again, you’ll own all the IP that we make for your project.

Cost-Effective Manufacturing and Sourcing

Working with Jupiter Design for your manufacturing is easier and more cost-effective than sourcing on your own. We have relationships with reliable manufacturers both domestically and internationally. We’ll handle the hardest parts for you, offer you reduced risk and simple communication, and get you the best price per unit.

Package Your Products to Sell

At Jupiter Design, we know that packaging isn’t just there to hold your product: great packaging will help you satisfy the requirements of big retail buyers, establish your brand, explicitly detail your product’s best features, and convince potential customers to pick it up with their hands. With over 50 years of combined experience designing retail packaging, our team excels at setting your brand apart from the rest.

Solidify Your Logo and Branding

Clear and consistent branding not only helps customers recognize you; it’s integral to the entire experience that they have with your company, from making an impression to guiding how you market and package your products. Whether you know what face you want for your company, or if you’re still not sure what the best approach to your logo and branding should be, Jupiter Design will be there to help you solidify your branding.

Graphic Design for Marketing and More

Ready to market your business with professionally designed flyers, ads, t-shirts, and more? Because of our flat-fee model of business, our designers will be ready to meet your needs as soon as you have them: no need to wait for quotes or pay extra for runaway billable hours.

“Working with them was easy and we were able to get everything we needed on time”

Mike Hugie, Cache Energy Corporation
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