What Does Product Packaging Cost?

Looking for custom product packaging and associated costs? Learn what goes into the costs of designing and creating custom product packaging.

Your product’s packaging is often the first thing your customers see when engaging with your product and brand. Getting it right is critical and is one of the cheapest ways you can build your brand. Well thought out and designed custom packaging not only protects the product but it also prepares your customer. If you want your customers to think your product is commoditized, generic, or cheap (like the bulk bin at the grocery store), don’t worry about the packaging. If you want your brand to develop a personality in the minds of your customers, you need killer custom packaging.

What Goes into Determining Custom Package Design Costs?

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Over the years, our team has developed packaging for some of the world’s greatest brands, and the key considerations are the same for each custom package design cost. That decision is made at the nexus of:

  1. the quality of custom packaging needed to convey the brand,
  2. product margin available to allocate on each unit’s custom packaging cost,
  3. how the product is delivered to the customer,
  4. and physical requirements to safely contain the product in custom packaging.

Carefully considering the implications of each of these issues and creatively solving for them is what a professional packaging design firm will do for you. It’s important to not cut corners with your packaging because you will pay for it later in the form of lost sales, damaged product, and inefficient shipping.

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Choose Jupiter Design for Your Custom Package Designs

The team at Jupiter Design is set up to support your custom packaging development at whatever stage you are currently at. Our industry-leading design team and pricing provide you with a full-service design firm at one flat a-la-carte or monthly rate, so you can get all the services you need from concept to production in one place. This means full transparency, no payroll costs, no HR, and no hourly cost overruns.

You also get complete control to start, stop, or change your Jupiter service level at any time. Our aim is to help you get to the next stage in your product launch as quickly as possible, armed with the packaging and creative elements you need to ensure success.  

Do you have a product you are preparing to launch? Give us a call!

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