Custom Product Packaging Design Services

Make Your Product Memorable and Tell Your Story with Custom Packaging

Jupiter Design can help you with custom product packaging design to help your products differentiate themselves in the market, catch customers’ attention, and represent your brand.

What Does the Process Look Like?

Starting your packaging design is a creative yet organized process. The driving principle behind all the decisions in the process is your brand and the messages you are wanting to convey to those who see or interact with your packaging. At Jupiter Design, we’ll normally follow a process very much like the one below.
Step 1: Understand
Understand how the product fits within your brand, whether the product needs continuity with others, and where it fits within its competition.
Step 2: Sketch
Sketch to conceptualize the packaging, as well as multiple ways to address the requirements and aspirations for the product.
Step 3: Render
Render the chosen style(s) to fully visualize the packaging and finalize the decision of which styles to start sampling.
Step 4: Create Control Art
Create control art for the packaging to share with manufacturers or commercial printers.
Phase 5: Prototype the Packaging
Prototype the packaging as needed and make final adjustments before full production.
How each of these steps are addressed may be different for each product, so it’s important to discuss this with your designer when you’re getting started so you know what to expect as the process unfolds.

When Should You Find a Packaging Design Company?

In short, as soon as you’re looking to design a product, you should be looking to design packaging as well! Custom product packaging is an integral part of the design for a product, so packaging should integrate with the product to be an extension of your brand. Because of this, it’s smart to get a design firm that will be involved all throughout the product’s conceptualization and development. At Jupiter Design, we have helped countless businesses identify selling points and differentiators and express that critical information in their products and packaging.

How Much Does Custom Product Packaging Cost?

Although the costs vary widely, the standard cost of these services from most professional, experienced design teams is usually between ten thousand to over twenty-five thousand dollars in fixed bid or retained hourly billing.

Jupiter Design gives you transparency and control over these costs by offering full bundled services via flat-rate, month-to-month service packages that you can start, pause, or upgrade as your needs require. What this means is that you will get better results and save money by getting all the services you need when you need them for one flat-rate bundle, without any risk of hourly cost overruns. Everyone is focused on making your product packaging successful, rather than a-la-carte or hourly billing.

What if I Need More Than Packaging Design?

Jupiter Design is a full-service design firm, so we are skilled and willing to help you with any — or all — of your business’s design needs. This includes the following:

Concept development
Product development
Industrial design
Brand imagery development
Marketing graphics
Product manufacturing
And much, much more

Jupiter’s bundled flat-rate monthly service plans were intentionally designed to provide you flexible support for any stage of your product or business’s needs. 

Customer love

We have an average customer rating of 4.97/5
“We were in a pinch to get some branding and presentation work done for our international client meetings. It was great to have the team at Jupiter on hand to help us out. Working with them was easy and we were able to get everything we needed on time. I've been impressed with the work they do and feel confident in placing a request and having it executed well.”
Michael Hugie
Director, Cache Energy Corporation
“The team at Jupiter Design has been there every step of the way as I develop my real estate brand. They are timely, friendly, and experienced. I couldn't ask for a better team to have behind me, and I love that the pricing is upfront and predictable.”
Patti Olson
Go Idaho Realty, Owner
“Jupiter made launching our SCI-SCORE products a very straight forward process. [They] helped us quickly design a new brand image, sales materials, and source new manufacturing. Whenever we have questions or new challenges, they are responsive and always helpful. I can't imagine trying to do this with anyone else.”
Eldon Riggs
Manager, SCI-CORE, LLC

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