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How we can help

Jupiter Design will work with you to take your products through every stage of production:

Experts in Product Design

Get your product design right the first time.

Brands we work with:

Some of our work:

What do we consider when designing your product?

Form & Function
We take time to research your product and its market up front. By understanding the target audience and use case of your product, we can create the perfect product to help you make a splash in the market.
Structural Considerations
Before a product can be design, its characteristics must be designed. Design quality and complexity impact profits, customer satisfaction, durability, and more.
New vs. Existing Product
Is this a new product, or is it an addition to an existing product line? Whether you are an enterprise-level company or a first-time entrepreneur, our team will fit perfectly into your timeline.

Why Jupiter Design?

Monthly Flat-Rate Pricing

No hidden fees, no bloated charges — just honest, simple pricing. Rather than charge hourly rates (like other design firms), we keep things simple with monthly pricing.
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You Own Everything

Unlike other design firms, we give you full access to all the design files created throughout the product design process.

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Other design firms prefer to work “behind the curtain”, circumventing the accountability that is crucial to any partnership. Jupiter Design allows you to get behind the curtain so you know exactly what’s happening at every step in the product design process.
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Quality results

The essential difference that makes Jupiter Design special is the exceptional quality we produce. We work tirelessly with world-class designers to create a product design that will help your product make a splash on the market.

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