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What happens after signing up for a service?

Be prepared to get started fast once you sign up for your service plan.

After registering, you will receive a questionnaire to help us get you set up. The info we will be seeking in this set-up are:

  1. Contact info
  2. Information needed for us to generate an initial summary creative brief
  3. Existing creative assets available for the project (logo source files, copy, other imagery, etc.)
  4. Detail from you regarding the creative direction you want us to consider at the onset (a Pinterest board for the style, a collection of photos, etc. is helpful).

Once the background info and creative brief are completed, we will confirm that your needs align with the service plan you selected. If there appears to be a good fit, great! We will set you up in our project management software and you can begin submitting requests. If the fit is not quite right, we’ll propose an alternative solution.

The project management software we primarily use is Basecamp, which makes it very easy to communicate and share files in an organized way. At the start of the project, we will create space for your project on our Basecamp platform and invite you to join so you can provide feedback and have easy access to files. This is also where we will manage To-Do's and other planning details to make sure everyone knows what is happening and where we are headed at all times.

Get in touch with our team.

We do our best to create what will help you accomplish your goals and propose ideas to help you get to the next stage in your operation. Reach out to us!