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Stack the odds in your favor.

Establishing your brand as an easily recognizable and memorable staple in your market is critical for long term growth and business sustainability.

When you have a brand that stands for something, you add another way for customers to find you and recommend your products to others. We help you put your best foot forward so you stand out as desirable to your target customers.

Creative Brand Development
Research Driven Analysis
Memorable Brand Imagery

In E-Commerce, the costs are higher for your customers to get your product so they expect higher quality. This is part of the reason online reviews have become so important.

Although you might save money in the short term on a lower quality product, it may cost you in lost sales from poor reviews. Striking the right balance is critical and one of the issues our team will help you navigate.

Manufacturing Quality Control
Product Market Fitness
Customer Expectation Management

Designing and sourcing the manufacturing for your product is a process with many potential pitfalls and major delays. Working with our team to navigate this process will enable you to get to market as fast as possible and substantially reduce the risks inherent in sourcing a new or private labeled product.

We have sourced manufacturing for thousands of products over the years. Leveraging this experience and our numerous manufacturing relationships enables us to arrange production from many of the best manufacturers and get you pricing that is only available to their preferred partners.

Manufacturable Design
Custom Materials Sourcing
International Manufacturing Agents
Professional Support

Jupiter brings experienced insight to your product needs.

You are in business to generate a profit and grow. We understand that perfectly and support those efforts with the intensity that your business deserves.

Our team members have backgrounds in design, manufacturing, entrepreneurship, finance, and everything in between. This gives us the unique insight needed to deliver the solutions you need to make your project a success
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Design for success.

Achieving the results you deserve takes careful attention to detail and planning. Discussing your needs with us can help chart a path forward to enable you to get your product to market fast.

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Our team aims to make your life easier with transparency, professional service, and hassle-free pricing.

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There’s no need to cobble together multiple firms to get your project done. We do it all.

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Our proudest moments are seeing our clients succeed and knowing we were able to contribute in some meaningful way. Building a relationship that helps you flourish is our primary mission.
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