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“Jupiter made launching our SCI-CORE products a very straight forward process. [They] helped us quickly design a new brand image, sales materials, and source new manufacturing. Whenever we have questions or new challenges, they are responsive and always helpful. I can’t imagine trying to do this with anyone else.”

Product Development, Logo Design, Packaging Design
August, 2019

SCI-CORE is an interesting case because the competition for golf balls is enormous. Creating a product that is fresh and proprietary enough to be hard to copy by golf manufacturers was a tall order but we solved challenge and the results are amazing.


The golf products market is absolutely saturated with products and new entrants to the market. The owners of SCI-CORE came to us with the challenge of creating a practice ball that met their unique requirements, namely: 

  • The ball needs to be safe for indoor practice (i.e. not break windows or our anyone).
  • When hit, ball needs to feel as close to the feel of a real golf ball as physically possible while maintaining its safe properties.
  • The ball needed to weigh a specified weight not otherwise found on the market so it would serve specialized needs.
  • The ball needed to stand out in its branding and packaging.


Creating the perfect solution for SCI-CORE required a blend of chemical engineering and careful consideration of branding design in the target market. To accomplish this task, we simultaneously worked with our engineering team to start developing solutions to meet the technical requirements for the ball and we dove into the development of the SCI-CORE branding and positioning.

Ultimately, engineering and the brand message fused together as we found a proprietary method of creating these balls that exceeded the performance we initially set out to achieve. This enabled us and SCI-CORE to be confident in the brand messaging as the best golf practice ball.

This emphasis on quality was ultimately rewarded when the balls gained word of mouth traction in the market and even made multiple Golf Digest top product lists. SCI-CORE has been growing every since and we continue to provide packaging and manufacturing support for their growing needs.

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