A product refresh to impress Walmart.

“We needed to walk into Walmart with packaging that was going to wow [buyer name removed] and lead to keeping our existing products and winning some spots from the competition… Jupiter Design is a firm that has marketing knowledge of how packaging sells, along with the ability to create the creative content of the packaging.”

Bravo Sports
Product Design, Graphic Design, Packaging Design
November, 2019

Bravo Sports was originally introduced to our team by a Walmart buyer who we have worked with extensively over the years to deliver high sell-through product lines and brand updates. Although Bravo has historically provided numerous high quality ride-on and sporting good products to Walmart over the years, the buyer at Walmart needed some of their ride-on product lines to be completely refreshed and optimized for sales in a way not previously pitched by Bravo.

With this mandate, we rolled up our sleeves and worked closely with the team at Bravo to rethink the packaging and casings for many of their products so their next meeting would yield an enthusiastic response from Walmart.


Two of the products we took on in the product line update for Bravo and Walmart was to update the Revster and electric Pulse scooters so they would both wow the Walmart buyer and achieve the sell-through demanded by the floor space occupied by these products in Walmart. A few of the requirements in these updates were that the products needed to:

  • Have industry leading design so they achieve high sell-through in store.
  • Look like expensive and valuable products.
  • Provide options to the Walmart buyer that would enable Bravo to win some spots in store away from the competition.

Creating industry leading design to impress a Walmart buyer is a challenge for any brand because the competition is fierce and the design not only needs to look and function amazing but it needs to be manufacturable at scale and with profit margins acceptable to all parties in the supply chain. Our team has decades of experience delivering products that fit these requirements so we were excited to take this project on and deliver.


We followed our proven creative development process to design solutions for these products. Starting by creating hundreds of concept sketches, our team iterated on ideas until we were able to narrow them down to the best concepts that were both aesthetically pleasing, functional and manufacturable.

With the concepts in hand, we collaborated with the team at Bravo Sports to discuss the merits and drawbacks of the various concepts until we arrived at the structural concept they were happy with so we could begin creating the aesthetic graphics for the product that could be shared with the buyers to determine the final direction.

After discussing the designs with the buyer, we further refined the concepts with renderings and manufacturable control art to start the process of costing with the manufacturer and gain final approval from Bravo management and their buyers. In the end, the reception was fantastic and we were very pleased with the quality of work produced through the collaboration of our team and the Bravo Sports product team!

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