A kick ass hydration pack for festival goers.

“Working with the team was awesome. The design work was fantastic and I was thrilled we were able to get the custom features we wanted manufactured.”

Product Development, Manufacturing Sourcing, Design
August, 2019

Creating an awesome product to match GenZ's vision for their brand and product was a fun challenge for our team. The results met the challenge, producing a fantastic product that serves the growing festival market.

The Challenge

The festival market is a unique animal in that the participants are very individually unique and need to carry their possessions on their body while having complete freedom of movement, access to critical items like water, and personal property protection from theft. The primary challenges in this project were to: 

  • Create a hydration pack that is easy to fill on the go without destroying your bag contents.
  • Create inspiring design that is expandable, personalizable, and relevant to festival goers (generally 18-30 yrs old).
  • Protect personal property from theft.

In addition to the above, the pack needed to meet the security guidelines for festival admittance and provide sufficient profitability to the company owners.


Creating a solution to address the critical needs of GenZ was done by following our proven process of fine tuning the feature list, concept sketching to explore possibilities, creating manufacturable control art for the final design, and finishing it off with materials sourcing for production. Working with GenZ, we developed and sourced production for the RaveRunner pack, which included the following solutions: 

  • A custom drinking water bladder to enable users to access and fill water in their pack from the side without requiring the pack to be opened (thereby preventing unwanted exposure of the contents to the water and fellow festival goers).
  • Custom materials for the pack to achieve aesthetic design, interchangeability, and durability.
  • Specialized compartments and materials to protect the bag's contents from theft.

Our ultimate satisfaction came from hearing about the success GenZ has had from their Kickstarter campaign, business pitch competitions, and, of course, overwhelmingly positive reception in the market from customers.

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