Elegant branding, merchandise, and trophy for this exclusive event.

“Creating a world-class automotive event was an enormous undertaking and the team at Jupiter Design was instrumental in making it come to fruition.”

Audrain Newport Concours
Logo design, Artisanal product development, Manufacturing
December, 2019
Events, Museum

The Audrain Newport Concours was a unique opportunity to put our team's creative talents and execution ability to the test to deliver branding, merchandise, and awards that matched the exceptionally high level of quality demanded by the high end car enthusiast market for this event. Helping this motor week come together was both fun and challenging and we are thrilled to have played a critical role in the launching of this annual event.


Launching a concours event like the Audrain Motor Week is challenging because the quality of the event and its supporting collateral needs to both stand out on a world stage and attract the exotic car owners and enthusiasts that make the event possible. Some of the requirements of this project were: 

  • Create brand imagery and logo that reflect the history of Newport and establish the event's unique brand.
  • Design and source relevant merchandise to meet the needs of guests, promote the event, and generate profit.
  • Design and create a world-class concours winner trophy that is reflective of the level of art inherent in the historic cars.

With so many moving parts in the creation of this event, our team was made available to the Executive Director of the event to assist as needed. This made it straight forward to collaborate and develop solutions as planning phases unfolded.

Audrain Concours


Through constant collaboration and staying flexible to meet the evolving needs of the event, our team was able to deliver in a way that made the event's managers' job easier while increasing the production value of the event on a world-wide stage.

This event was the first annual event so every single element had to be imagined and created, which we assisted with as the needs arose. Among the items we are particularly proud of was the creation of the winner's trophy, which was given to the winner of the concours by Jay Leno and served as the crown jewel of the event. Creating that trophy required completely custom artistic design, sculpting, and CAD design from our team before ultimately being produced in the top-grade materials selected by our team.

We were also excited to see the proliferation of the brand assets we created across TV (Jay Leno's garage) and the internet via broadcasts and advertising. The response we received was very positive and has ensured that this event will continue on an annual basis to celebrate Newport's automotive history as well as raise funds for critical philanthropic causes.

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